The Art of Social Selling
Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategy.

Learn how to convert
Social Media Followers into Customers

We receive enquiries every day from Small Business owners who struggle with understanding Social Media and how it can benefit their business.

 In one of our bespoke strategy sessions, we will step you through the foundations of using social selling and content marketing to build an engaged community.


We will demonstrate how you can use the principles of content marketing and social selling to;

  • Establish your brand.

  • Start conversations with your ideal customer.

  • Turn them into paying clients.

Our strategy sessions are suitable for those selling both products and services to other businesses or direct to consumers and you will walk away with a clear understanding on where Social Media, Social Selling ad Digital Marketing fits into your overall Sales & Marketing Plan.

"Helen & Jacqui are a fountain of knowledge when it comes to social media content planning - and they wow-ed our students when they delivered a recent online workshop on this topic. They really know how to harness the power of social media to start powerful conversations with your target - which is often a crucial starting place in your sales funnel."
- Anna Jonak - Business School for Mums