Our Story

We met over 15 years ago in corporate Australia where we were both working in the telecommunications industry looking after the retail distribution network. At first we bonded over our love of the 1991 film Point Break, crab pasta, and a shared desire to take over the dance floor anytime 80s or 90s music was playing.

Whilst we loved helping owner/operators scale and grow their businesses, we ultimately still worked for a large corporation ourselves and over time, we realised we both had the need to lead more than just a cubicle life.

We like to think that we will be business partners.
We hold your hand and dive into the weeds with you because we don’t believe in a soulless, cookie-cutter, one size fits all approach to business.

Instead, we offer tailored, personalised action plans. Think of us as an extension of your business—friends, cheerleaders, mentors, and so much more!

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Helen has spent over 20 years working in the telecommunications industry (incl. graduating from the Australian Institute of Management). Helen was the first of the duo to follow her passion and took the brave step out of corporate life into her first solo business venture - an online fashion retail store. More recently, Helen has taken on the role of Digital Marketing Manager. Helen has called Brisbane, Australia home all her life where she still lives with her partner and son.

Jacqui lives in Brisbane with her partner and two girls. After completing Business Marketing at university she also worked in the telecommunication industry for 15 years until, inspired by Helen’s brave plunge, and feeling the corporate burn out, decided to ‘unplug’ by taking a year out to backpack South America. At the end of this sabbatical Jacqui moved to the London where she changed gears into Email Marketing working as a Sales Manager looking after Northern Europe. After having her daughter in the UK she landed back in the land of Oz in 2015 where she freelanced in Email Marketing and Social Media Management.

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