What do I say to them? 

You made it! Day 5 of the 'Email Marketing Basics 5 Day Challenge' is here, ready & waiting.

Again, today we're shining the spotlight on 'Content' i.e.; what do I email people about? This is absolutely, without a doubt the number one thing that everyone fears and ultimately, holds them back from their Email Marketing Plan.

But fear not! We've prepared you for this - all the work you've done on the Challenge to date will make this a breeze - we promise!

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Step 1.  Watch this video (it's a little longer than most, but well worth it) and then;

Step 2.  Complete your daily task below.

Step 3.  Join in the conversation over in the 5 Day Challenge Facebook Group here.

We've also provided relevant links to any references made in the tutorial below.


Links & References:

Daily Task:

Are you a blogger/influencer? Do you have an e-commerce store?  Are you a service-based business?

Whatever your business model, you can use Email Marketing to reach your business goals? Today, we’re going to get a start on your ‘Content Plan’ for your Email Marketing Plan.

We want you to finish the following sentences:-

My business can offer… 
I can share my experience…
My expertise is in… 
I sell/offer… 
What’s new with me lately is/I love...               

Using this inspiration, understanding your ‘ideal customer profile’ and any other key dates relevant to your business, we want you to put a list of ideas together, and then schedule into your ‘Email Marketing Calendar’ that you’re about to create…

Here’s some inspiration to get your juices flowing: 

  • Welcome to your community (automated).
  • Behind the scenes of creating your product/service. 
  • Share a story or image of your product being used ‘in action’. 
  • An interview or guest post from someone you think your ideal client would get value learning from. 
  • Showcase your product or service and offer a special or promotion. 
  • Share similar but not competing brands content that you think is share-worthy.