List growth and how to get people excited to sign up!

Yesterday, we found out 'who' you're talking to, and we got you to intimately get to know them. Well today, now that you know ALL about them, we're going to get you to come up with some ideas on 'How to get them to sign up to your list'.

Step 1.  Watch this short video and then;

Step 2.  Complete your daily task below.

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We've also provided relevant links to any references made in the tutorial below.


Links & References:

Daily Task:

Using the information that you’ve gleaned from your ‘customer profiling’ exercise yesterday and considering your skill set, create and map out an incentive that will attract subscribers. 

If you already have one on your site, brainstorm some new ideas for a fresh lead magnet and perhaps test to see which offer attracts more sign-ups.