Where to start?

Day 2 of the 'Email Marketing Basics 5 Day Challenge' has landed.

Now that you know why your Small Business NEEDS to have an Email Marketing Plan, we're going to get into some of the practical stuff, i.e.; Where to start! We'll explain how to collect email addresses (using your digital presence) and where to keep them. 

Step 1.  Watch this short video tutorial and then;

Step 2.  Complete your daily task below.

Step 3.  Join in the conversation over in the 5 Day Challenge Facebook Group here.

We've also provided relevant links to any references made in the tutorial below.


Links & References:



Pros :

  • Free for up to 2000 subscribers & 12,000 mails p/month.
  • Customizable email templates, you can import own templates or just customise their existing ones.
  • All standard features available: Scheduling, Testing, Inbox Inspection.
  • Subscription form hosting available and integrates with a Facebook Page.
  • Compare your campaign statistics to other MailChimp email campaigns/industry benchmarks.
  • Split testing 
  • Good options for integrations.
  • High deliverability.


  • Very basic ready-made templates for subscription forms.
  • Some say the interface is clunky compared to others and there is a longer learning curve because it has more complex features.
  • Gets pricey above 2000 subscribers p/month.
  • Limited segmentation features.
  • Email support on paid plans only.

Campaign Monitor


  • It has a plug and play journey designer. 
  • Integrates with Yes, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce.
  • Offers the ability to host sign up forms, embed them into your site and integrates with third party apps.
  • Email support available on all plans, phone support available on Premier Plan.


  • No free option.
  • Lack of image hasting (Mailchimp has unlimited).
  • Basic customer support.

Convert Kit:


  • They make split testing easy.
  • Built for bloggers by bloggers.
  • Only had one list and an easy system of tags and segmenting this prevents you not having to pay twice for the one subscriber (this is an issue when your file gets large) and you’ll never email them the same email twice by accident.
  • Great for sequences and drip campaigns.


  • There is no free option, it starts at $29 USD a month.
  • It ain’t as pretty as others. Their emails look like emails intentionally as they are proven to convert better for serviced based businesses.

Active Campaign:


  • User friendly automation platform 
  • drag-and-drop abilities
  • Intuitive page designs
  • Helpful pointers to create your workflows 


  • Limited dashboard customisation
  • No Landing page builder
  • No drip campaigns

Day 2 Task:

  • If you don’t currently have an Email Service Provider - Sign up to one!
    *Note, use the 'cheat sheet' with 'pros & cons' above to help support your choice*
  • Do an audit on your digital presence:-
    • Is your ‘opt-in’ prominent? Best practice = above the scroll fold.
    • Do you have your ‘sign up method on ALL of your social pipes? If not, then go and update.
    • Now that you have connected with an (ESP) - you will need to integrate with your website for automation. For many, it’s as simple as one click of a button, which means - your email list will automatically update when someone opt-in’s via your website