What is Email Marketing?

In Day 1, we're giving you some 'Email 101' and talking all about the basics of Email Marketing and how your Small Business goals can be achieved through a plan.

Step 1.  Watch this short 10 minute video and then;

Step 2.  Complete your daily task below.

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We've also provided relevant links (if applicable) to any references made in the tutorial below.


Links & References:

Day 1 Task:

How can YOUR small business use email marketing?

Take some time to think about your business (and your current goals), and write down some ideas on how Email Marketing can work for you.

Along with the samples provided in the tutorial, here are some more examples:-

  • Increase sales by driving more traffic to your website.
  • Building a community of people who see you as an expert.
  • Get feedback from your subscribers.
  • To promote an event/sale.
  • Add value eg; a post-purchase tip!