What gets measured, gets done.

We know the businesses out there who are nailing it are measuring, reviewing and planning in a constant cycle. 

Business Review. Two Girls and a Laptop.png

Hands up if these are the things you feel you
"should" be doing but not exactly getting
jazzed about doing it?

We know business ownership can be lonely, stressful and your confidence can feel like it's enjoying a rollercoaster ride.

But business can also be abundant, rewarding, joyful and something you can and should be proud of - you created this, you're amazing!

It's time to take stock, look at your 'book' and set your goals for the future so that you can identify what you need to do differently to continue to grow, innovate and stay ahead of your competition

Nothing will give you
greater peace, than
minding your own business.

Wow! I have started five businesses in my time and I have never had a business coach, never mind two! What a mistake I have been making - the opportunity to gather my very scattered thoughts and ideas and put them into a semblance of order with goals to match was absolutely amazing! Thank you so much, Helen and Jacqui, you guys rock! I cannot wait for the next steps.
— Cindy, Tildon Training

Want to know a bit more about our Business Review Sessions?

The good news: We’ve already worked with you, we know you, your business, your customers and most importantly, the goals you have for your business.

The even better news: We want to hold your hand and walk you through an accountability session, where we’ll look at things like:

  • The numbers: Performance to your financial goals, your sales, operating expenditure, advertising.

  • The team: Have you scaled? What impact has that had on your business?

  • You and the investment in yourself: Because you are important too!

The best news: After understanding all of what’s worked, what hasn’t, what we could do better, we move into the future and reset by reviewing:

  • Business goals: Set you up for the next period so you know what you’re clearly working towards.

  • Financial Forecasts: Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be a session with us without digging in to the numbers.

  • Opportunities for scale: + the impact on your business, financials & operations.

  • Ideal Customer: Let’s make sure they’re still ‘ideal’ and check in on the sales funnels aka. where we’ll find them.

  • Marketing Goals: Ultimately give you an action plan to start work on straight away!

We can tailor the session to suit your time and availability and can be delivered 'Face to Face' (for those in Brisbane & surrounds) or via Webinar for others. Recordings of webinars will be available for you to reference at a later time.

As usual, we will have some 'pre-work' for you to complete, to ensure that we can prepare so that our 'contact time' is best spent on delivery the actionable steps, not to mention that whole 'accountability' thing.

What do you need to continue to grow, innovate and stay ahead of your competition?