Let's Chat

Let's Chat


Do you feel unclear about your direction? 

Have an endless ‘to do’ list and unsure which activities are going to help you make sales? 
Perhaps you are struggling with your mindset and are seriously wondering if you’ve got what it takes? 

Well, we would love to support you.

Here are just some of the things our clients have chosen to cover in their hour session with us:

-Flesh out your goals and what they look like as a sales target.

-Analyse your sales (lead generation) pipes to see where you are getting your traffic/sales from.

-Help you to calculate your net profit so you can understand your profit margin.

-A Google Analytics lesson where we jump into your account and teach you how to make sense of it all and see where your website traffic is coming from.

-Help to complete a grant or loan application. 

-Brainstorm a plan for your email marketing and list growth.

Or perhaps you just fancy a chat? We can do that too.

To make sure your hour packs the maximum punch, you’ll answer some questions for us before the session. By the end of the hour you’ll be clearer,  have your next steps defined and be ready to move forward.

“I cannot say enough good things about Helen and Jacqui! They made me feel comfortable, confident and gave me all the tips and motivation I needed to start planning the next stage of my business growth. I'll be recommending them far and wide, they are so knowledgeable and so lovely!” - Cate Gilpin, Browns General Store.

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