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Why you don't need to be afraid to niche down

Let's talk about 'ideal customer profiling'. Maybe its been a while since you updated your ideal client profile, perhaps you profiled your customer in your head and not on paper?? (Ahem, it's not the same). Or perhaps like us, after a little time you realise you have more than one profile and that new profile has different needs, interests and pain points that you can solve and they need to be communicated with differently?

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The realities of running a business during the school holidays.

One would think that after being in business for very close to 2 years (even longer if you count my previous businesses) that I would have this under control. The truth is, I haven’t. And if anything, against all of my own previous advice, I made the same mistakes this last holidays - and I vow to not do the same again.

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'Sales and Marketing 101' for small business success.

Are you starting a business this year? I bet you’d love to know the perfect recipe for success!

Well, sorry to say there isn't one, but here are some tips or 'sales & marketing 101' if you will, to help you to create the perfect storm for your biz.

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Confessions of a perfectionist, in small business and motherhood.

When did we all become obsessed with the ‘all or nothing’ approach to life, work and motherhood? For me, I think I’ve always been this way. A self-confessed perfectionist, whom has such high expectations on myself, that when I inevitably can’t meet them, end up feeling like I’ve failed, or often, procrastinate until I get another goal to focus on, and so, the cycle continues….

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Meet the small business game-changers, Circle In, supporting mums back to work!

One of the most rewarding things that we've found as Mums in the 'small business mumpreneur sphere' has been the connections that we've made with other likeminded women. Jodi and Kate, from Circle In are no exception. It's uncanny, how their journey is aligned (almost in synchronicity) with our own. From those very early days when we each had about 50 followers on our Instagram, right up to recent weeks when we hit the 1K milestone we've been watching closely and encouraging each other along the way.

 We love a good small business story and wanted to share the experiences and lessons learned from another start up business with you all. 

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