Why you don't need to be afraid to niche down

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Let's talk about 'ideal customer profiling'. Maybe its been a while since you updated your ideal client profile, perhaps you profiled your customer in your head and not on paper? (ahem…it's not the same). Or perhaps like us, after a little time you realise you have more than one profile and that new profile has different needs, interests and pain points that you can solve and they need to be communicated with differently?

Or perhaps you've never done one at all.

Your 'ideal customer' is a semi-fictitious person who is most likely to buy your product or service. The ideal customer profile (also called an avatar or persona) is a bunch of demographic and psychographic data that you create, to help you to intimately understand as much as you can about them.

Let's say you're a photographer. You've just started out and you'd like to work with women in small business. Your special skill is 'branded product shots'. You love all things flat lay (as does IG). You want to start getting some clients.

🤷 Where do you start?
🤷 How do you find customers?
🤷 How will you get them to work with you?

Meet Alyce.
Alyce has developed a natural skincare range.
Alyce has been in business for about six months.
Alyce has looked on at other similar businesses and their Instagram feeds with envy. She wants hers to look pretty too.
Alyce is ready to take her online presence up a notch.
Alyce wants to be able to talk about her range of three products without having to use the same images over and over again.
Alyce is wanting to look like a serious player.
Alyce needs a product photographer.
Alyce hangs out on Instagram and Pinterest.
Alyce follows a lot of influencers in the wellness space such as Valeria Ramirez and Mell Wells.
Alyce would one day like her product to be stocked at The Nourished Life and Biome.
Alyce loves the movement towards conscious consumerism - so she'll be listening to podcasts like The Slow Home, Goop and Melissa Ambrosini.
Alyce is 35, married, has just got a new puppy and enjoys walks on the beach near Noosa (where she lives). Alyce has a daily meditation practice but she still loves wine.
Are you starting to get a picture of Alyce?
We've just told you where to find her.
What her challenges and pain points are.
What you need to start talking to her about to establish an online relationship which will, in turn, convert Alyce to your customer.

Customer Profiling is just one element we cover in our Business Planning and/or Sales and Marketing Intensives - but it's probably one of the most important which is why we spend s much time on it.

Find your own Alyce.

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If you haven’t profiled your ideal client in a while (or ever), it’s time you did.

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