You owe me for the years, not the minutes. Finding your worth in business.

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Recently we posted this quote by Davy Greenberg to our social media channels and wowsers, it struck a chord with our community. There were so many chats happening about our fears, particularly in pricing for our worth and experience vs. pricing for our time, which is especially poignant for those of you in a service-based business.

The thing is, some of us struggle with pricing, because although we understand our customer’s needs, desires and pain points, we don't necessarily walk into our small business on day one with the confidence and understanding of how to charge people for our skills and experience.

It's quite a step change to move out of the 'hours billed' to the 'output/experience/expertise' way of pricing. One that doesn't come naturally for many. We experienced this ourselves and it took a wakeup call from our business coach, Pru from The Owners Collective.

In Pru's words...

“People are paying you because you have knowledge and experience and you know how to get them from A to B, they don't care how long it takes”

In writing this post we've gone back through and re-read the comments, a lot are along the lines of;

“A great reminder, thank you....”

“I needed to hear this.....”

“This is something I struggle with daily...”

Nowhere did we get the feedback;

“I price my services based on my worth and nobody is prepared to pay….”

So it would seem this old pricing for worth vs. time chestnut is perhaps more of an internal struggle, mixed in with a bit of imposter syndrome for good measure.

We'd even be so bold as to say, it happens to women more than men.

So we write this in the hope to inspire you to remember your 'worth' in the years and not the minutes, thanks Davy Greenberg for the reminder.

Over to you, what do you think?

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