Here’s Why Email Marketing is Not Dead


Are you spending most of your time obsessing about social media, curating the perfect feed, hashtags, follower numbers… But getting little or no return for your efforts?

Well, we’re here to share a different perspective with you. That your socials aren’t the be all and end all. While your socials are definitely important in building and nurturing your community long term, it’s leading them off socials, to your website, then to opt into your emails where you can truly nurture and get to know them in a very intimate way! Yes, intimately!

We recently had the opportunity to jump on the Brave Business Podcast with Anna and Flori from Business School for Mums to chat about the importance of email marketing and answering that question we get asked so often, ‘Is email marketing dead?’.

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Tune in the episode above to watch and hear us talk about:

  • How email marketing is still effective today

  • How setting up your email marketing does not need to go into the 'too hard basket'

  • Recommendations for email platforms

  • The power of segmenting and tagging your list

  • Using email marketing in conjunction with socials

  • How to cut through inboxes and get your emails opened 

  • The number one reason people unsubscribe

  • The must-have email automations that every small business owner should have

For the full transcript head and to listen to the audio head to Business School for Mums...

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