How to plan for Christmas in Retail.

Are you an eCommerce store on the precipice of your first Christmas in the online retail world?

Firstly, hold on.

Secondly, if you want to really walk away on Christmas eve knowing that you did everything you could to maximise sales during this period - you'll want to read on.

When it comes to preparing, nothing is more important than actually readying yourself with your product and pricing.

We recommend that you start putting a plan together NOW to:-
- Determine your product range & pricing incl. Xmas, Boxing Day Sale and/or New Year Sales.
- Identify the stock forecasts required to meet your sales forecasts/targets (that you need to do also).
- Secure your stock (and 'gift with purchase' if that's an idea you want to explore) & manage suppliers delivery timeframes.
- If ‘scale’ and order quantities allow, discuss ‘sponsorship’ support from your manufacturers/suppliers for promotional activity they may like to collaborate with you.
- Investigate integrations with your courier/shipping provider to provide automatic updates to customers - reducing enquiries and providing an excellent customer service experience.

Now that you've got your products & stock situation sorted, you'll want to think about your marketing, customer service + staffing levels. Want to hear more?

In this video, we'll cover:-

• Product and Fulfilment - forecasting for the extra sales;
• Marketing and Promotional Offers - ensuring you're ready to go with executing your marketing strategies + some great ideas for promotional offers!
• Customer Service - ensuring that your customers are at the forefront of all of your decisions.

* Note, this Facebook live is targeted to product based e-commerce and retailers, however, there may be some elements that service based businesses can adapt.