5 reasons we love email marketing for small business.

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Recently we were interviewed by the talented Tara from Your One and Only.

Tara wanted to chat to us about email marketing, because some people are bantering around that email is dead #whatthe?. Needless to say, our hearts were broken and we needed to respond toot sweet! So here's a snapshot of our interview, where we talk about the 5 reasons why we love email marketing, particularly as a marketing strategy for small business.

1. When it comes to a marketing strategy, email marketing is super important.

In fact, it's really, really important. We won’t bore you with the stats, but not only does email marketing come in at #1 in terms of driving traffic to your website, the traffic from email converts at a much higher rate, and the average $ value of the sale is higher. Many of you may have heard that it typically takes 7 touch points with your brand before a customer converts. Reaching potential customers via email is an intimate and consistent way to nurture your audience, and once set up the cost for small senders is really only an investment of time.

2. It's time to look at Email Marketing a little differently.

Email Marketing is dead? Errr…. Who would say such things? Email marketing may be dead the way it used to be, sure. These days you need to deliver value as you would to your social media followers. What we mean by that is gone are the days where you can promote, promote, promote and keep an engaged and loyal audience. You need to treat your subscribers like friends, add value, respect their time and serve them well. The email relationship is more intimate than social media, many people are quite fussy nowadays about who they will hand their valuable email address over to (I know we are). Email marketing is not time based and your reach in most cases will be 100% (to the inbox).  As an email sender you aren’t at the mercy of an algorithm to determine if someone will see your content, and for small biz owners, email allows the kind of personalisation we can’t create via other marketing channels (not for the same investment of time and resources anyways).

Now we will throw a stat at you… the DMA Insight states that 99% of consumers check their email every day and some as many as 20 times a day… as people who are in the business of selling, we like those stats!

You need to treat your subscribers like friends, add value, respect their time and serve them well.

3. It's easy to get started and won't cost you a bomb.

There are so many email service providers now who offer free startup plans, that will include the ability to integrate with your website, templates and designs to work with and the infrastructure to get your email marketing plan started. If you are a little scared to start, then we are your people.

5 steps to building your email marketing plan. 

This 15 page FREE workbook provides simple tasks and challenges for small business owners who are 'beginners' when it comes to Email Marketing including; choosing an Email Service Provider, Best Practice for growing your list, and what the heck to say!

4. Email marketing grows a special audience. 

Not only will they collectively represent more revenue for your business over time (vs. other audiences) but you may have noted before that we mentioned ‘intimacy’. People are much more choosy about who they hand their valuable email address over to vs. who they are happy to scroll past on their social feed. If you’ve chosen the right niche and attracted them with the right lead magnet (which you will see via your subscriber growth) they will be the warm audience you need to sell to.  They may not all buy from you, but many will become ‘brand advocates’ and recommend you as they get to know, like and trust you over time.

5. Email marketing is another way to execute your digital content strategy.

  •  Most small businesses who are marketing themselves via social media have a content plan (and if you don’t, we need to talk). We recommend that you actually create a digital marketing ‘content plan’ that encompasses all of your digital lead pipes. So you will have a line for Instagram (posts, stories, IGTV), Facebook (posts, lives, groups) , Website/Blog/, Email Marketing, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. Also be consistent with your frequency, if fortnightly is too much go monthly.
  • Be sure to deliver content that brings your ideal customer pleasure or helps them to avoid pain, and highlight it in the subject header. This is going to depend on what your product or service is of course. Get to the point and avoid the fluff, you’ve got like 3 seconds to capture peoples attention and be sure to include multiple links to drive traffic back to your website…cause this is where the magic happens (aka, conversions).
  • Introduce yourself, your business and tell them your backstory. People love to see the face behind the brand. They love to hear what struggles/inspiration brought you to start your business. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and honest, people are over the highlight reel – they want real life. We’ve shared our struggles and mistakes and they are some of our most popular blogs.

So there you have it, the 5 reasons why we love email marketing for small business. If you get to the end of this post and still think that it sounds a little bit hard and you are struggling to fit another thing on your 'to do list' or DIY ain’t your ’thang’, we also offer 1:1 Email Marketing Strategies, so you can book a free discovery call here to have a chat about what you need.

To read the full interview with Your One and Only, visit their blog here.