How to create an ideal customer profile and why your business absolutely needs one.

How to create an ideal customer profile for your small business.

It's fair to say that here at Two Girls and a Laptop we are passionate about customer profiling. We want you to not only know exactly who your perfect customer is, but also know everything you can about them - with good reason, so read on.

Your 'ideal customer' is a semi-fictitious person who is most likely to buy your product or service. The ideal customer profile (also called an avatar or persona) is a bunch of demographic and psychographic data that you create, to help you to intimately understand as much as you can about them.

Why is this so super important and why do we talk about this ad nauseam ALL the time?

Well, it's kinda the backbone of everything you do in your business and once you land your ideal customer persona, the marketing gets easier because you know exactly who you are talking to. As the saying goes “If you try talking to everybody, you can end up talking to nobody”.

So many of you get stuck on content, we hear ya’ and you're not alone. An ideal customer profile allows you to start a meaningful conversation with the one customer - the one you want! Because you understand them so well you can anticipate their needs and desires, solve their problems, build connection and establish yourself as the go-to person for them to seek when the time is right.

So where to go for the data...

Demographic data is socio-economic in nature and covers information such as age, gender, location, language, marital status & education etc. Many business owners find the demographics side of profiling easy. It's relatively easy to get your hands on demographics. You can start by looking at the audience you already have as follows;

  • Instagram analytics: Gender, age, location.

  • Facebook analytics: Gender, age, location.

  • Google Analytics: Gender, age, location, language, technology.

  • Email Service Provider: Some provide you with some basics such as location.

In our experience, it's the psychographics where people get a little stuck. Psychographics are also referred to as IAO’s (Interests, Activities & Opinions) cause...we love an acronym.

Understanding the psychographics of your ideal customer is where the money is and the businesses out there who are nailing it, are the ones who really get it. They know their perfect customers wants and desires, what annoys them, what causes them pain, what they do on a Friday night and what Instagram hashtags they follow. This not only helps brands to serve up the products and services their customers need and desire but also talk in the voice that appeals to them. This moves potential customers along the sales funnel faster and has the added benefit of creating a strong connection. Building that connection not only helps those to make an emotional decision to purchase (resulting in less price sensitivity) but it also breeds brand advocates who will champion your brand. We know cause this is what we do for the brands we love such as Go To Skincare.

This moves potential customers along the sales funnel faster and has the added benefit of creating a strong connection.

Where to get psychographic data….

  • Google Analytics has interest categories such as ‘in-market’ and ‘affinity’ which highlight the other things that interest your audience such as travel, online shopping, real estate, sport etc.

  • Facebook: In ads manager head to audience insights and set up a target audience, you can get data on the 'other pages’ they follow (aka interests).

  • The Sensis 2017 Social Media report:

  • The Exposure Co. has this handy 'State of Social Media report:

  • Answer the public:

And if that's still not enough data for you, we recommend you go the old fashioned way and just ask.

  • Pop up a poll in some of the closed Facebook groups asking for responses from your specific demographic.

  • You could send a survey to your existing customers and email subscribers via email and offer something in return like free shipping or an extra % off. 

So, if we haven’t convinced you yet, than this might…

“Understanding who your customer is, underpins your marketing efforts and ensures you aren’t wasting time and money”

Because, in small business land, both time and money are very precious resources.
If you’d like some support with profiling your ideal customer, than download our Free Workbook: Create your Ideal Customer Profile here.

Seriously, this will change the way that you search for your customers, speak to your customers, and ultimately service your customers.