Do you need a graphic designer for your Small Business?

Image Credit: Your One and Only

Image Credit: Your One and Only


For us small business owners its all about cash flow right? Especially in that first year, we gotta tell ya, we freaked out at having to pay a $20 p/month subscription for a tool we really needed. 

Whilst there are some things that can be done ‘on the cheap’, many a designer would argue that investing in the ‘face of your brand’ from the outset is one of the best investments you can make. After all, first impressions are everything - right?

We wanted to get the design 'low down' so we hit up Tara, Owner of Boutique Design Agency ‘Your One and Only’. Not only is Tara SUPER passionate about her craft, she’s cheeky and lots of fun.

So Tara, you deal with clients at all stages of their businesses from start-up to established businesses looking to rebrand. What do you think new business owners tend to overlook in the branding department and live to regret in years 2 & 3? 

Not truly understanding what branding means in today's landscape. It goes so much further than a logo and it's so important to communicate this to people so that they are showcasing their brand the way they need to in every possible touchpoint. From visual identity to communication, tone of voice, personality, engagement, relationships. These all form part of the parcel, so it's important to have a solid marketing strategy and plan in place that doesn't just cover your logo, but every other instance where people connect and communicate with your brand.

In terms of investment, can you tell us what a client will get with a boutique agency such as yours vs' going to somewhere cheap like Fiverr for a logo/start up package? 

Ha, Fiverr. Look, here it's quality and experience. When working with Fiverr, you also don't know how many times they've used the exact same elements in other designs, therefore, there's no personalisation, which is crucial in design. It's also important to note here that there may also be legalities people are unaware of, will they ever be able to have full IP rights of that logo or design? If not, that eliminates their chance to trademark. Part 2 of this is that it's easy to call yourself a designer, it's another thing to know how to be one. To us, the aesthetic is a secondary thought, the first is effectively communicating the message. Design is there to help tell stories and articulate meaning, if the meaning isn't there, the design fails. We are fully invested in making sure people get what they pay for and invest in the right place. Plus, we're awesome people and we like making friends.


If you could give one piece of advice to a small business owner what would it be?

Know your why. It's actually so important across a magnitude of areas, because if you don't know why you're doing what you're doing, then how is anyone else meant to. It's the reason you work 12+ hour days, it's your passion, your vulnerabilities and your soul! Once you showcase that, people will invest in you. 

(Oh, hellooo… music to our ears)

How do you manage the juggle of owning a business + all your other life responsibilities? 

With great time management skills. I also don't have kids, so that helps for the moment haha. I have a very supportive network, my husband is also amazing (he even comes home with chocolate and wine, score right?). The one thing that really helps me though is the gym, it helps me to focus on me to remember there's more to life than work, it also gives me that time to talk with people when I'm so isolated at home by myself. Plus, endorphins 😊

If you had a super power what would it be? 

The ability to make people more empathetic. I think in our world too many people want what they think is right without really understanding the other person's viewpoint. I want to know, what makes people tick? Why do they think that way? Is it cultural, personal? If we were all a little more empathetic and learnt how to listen without casting judgement I think our world would be in a different place. #deep

About Tara

Learning and embracing change is something that I love to do. I’ve studied an array of things from Media Communications, Brand Strategy and Development, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Copywriting… you get the point, you can check out my LinkedIn profile for more. So, using my knowledge and experience I decided to start my own venture to help build and reposition existing brands with a meaning. To me, this is more than a job, it’s my passion (cue the violins), but it’s true. Never have I felt such overwhelming sense of satisfaction as I do working for my own business, why you ask? Because it’s just us, you and a great idea; no boards to interfere, and no criteria to meet (on my side anyway ha!).