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A fellow biz owner posted a question in a Facebook group the other day, she wanted to get some feedback from others, as she was struggling with support at home - "Does your partner and family support your small business dreams?" (or something along those lines).

There was a real mixed bag of responses from ‘wholeheartedly’ to ‘not so much’ and it got me thinking about the pressure and guilt we feel as business owners, who are trying to juggle many responsibilities.

Many of us feel pressure from our well meaning partners, but often it's not half as bad as the pressure we put on ourselves to succeed. You know that gnawing ‘fear of failure’ feeling that sits in the pit of your tummy? 

Or for those of us who have kids… the Mum guilt because you’ve put the kids in front of the TV (again) just so you can quickly take care of that urgent thing (again). Then quickly turning the TV off as your partner walks in the door and pretending it hasn’t been on for most of the afternoon.


Getting a biz off the ground (and keeping it viable) isn’t easy. Those first few years where you’re seriously working your butt off and also ploughing every cent you earn back in the biz. Those moments of doubt when you could be working half the hours for someone else and bringing home 5 (or 10 times!) the cash.

It's hard...

It's hard if you’re on your own and you don't have the emotional and financial support of a partner. 

Its hard for those in a relationship, with or without kids, because it takes you away from your partner, friends and family. It stops you from being ‘present’, there’s so much that can't be delegated, the buck has to stop with you.

Unfortunately I don’t have a ‘golden bullet’ of advice to eradicate these feelings (Gosh, I wish I did). But what I can say is you’re not alone and we certainly feel you.


Here’s what we’ve found helpful to flatten out those 'highs and lows' and we recommend you try it too ... 

  • Remind yourself of your WHY. That is, WHY did you want to start your biz in the first place? What was that passion that drove you? The vision you had for your dreams. I recently heard a story of a biz owner who has her WHY laminated and up in her shower, freaking love this!
  • Dedicate time to switch off…. Always being ‘on’ with constant phone and laptop use does not help anyone. Both Helen’s family and mine are campers and we often go ‘off grid’ where there isn’t any mobile coverage so we can put down the damn phone and be present with our families.
  • Celebrate your wins! This is something that I really need to work on (and Helen would agree). I am so busy looking to the future and how we can ‘do better next time', I sometimes forget to celebrate the now.
  • Have a short, medium and long term financial plan (and review it) so you can know you’re on the right track. This is going to bring you a whole lot of peace when the chips are down. 

How do you manage pressure, guilt and stress?
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Jacqui x