Are you ready to Increase Sales?

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Do you want to increase sales? Can we get a ‘hells yeh’?
Who doesn’t - we sure do! 

If you have something to sell and you want to sell more of it, you need an email list of people who are likely to buy from you. More than that, you need the list to be growing, and you need to communicate with your subscribers in the right way.

Email Marketing and Social Media are tricky to compare, as they are different in their very nature. But when it comes to sales and reach for your biz, the stats state that the people on your email list are 5 times more likely to see your content than your Facebook followers and those you convert into paying customers spend three times as much. According to SendinBlue Email Marketing is still being reported as the most lucrative form of online marketing, returning an average of over $44 in revenue for every $1 spent.

Now, it's not to say we don’t need social media, no siree. Us small business owners really benefit from a Digital Strategy where our Email Marketing and our Social Media work together for us. We wouldn’t have had the success we’ve enjoyed with our recent 5 Day Challenge if we didn't have the ability to promote and manage it via our Social Media channels, whilst delivering it via email.

But, some home truths are ...

• The people on your email list are more likely to buy from you. People are much more choosy about who they hand their valuable email address over to vs' who they are happy to scroll past on their social feed. If you've chosen the right niche and attracted them with the right lead magnet (which you will see via your subscriber growth) they will be the warm audience you need to sell to. 

• You have control: Other than your website, email is the digital marketing method you have control over. What if Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter shut down tomorrow? Or the Facebook algorithm changes and your biz posts no longer appeared in your followers feeds… oh hang on, that just happened! 

• The reach via email is better - much, much better. A study conducted by MailMunch explains that if you take 2000 subscribers across Email, Facebook & Twitter, this is what you will get:-

• 435 people will open your email.
• 120 Facebook followers will see your message.
• 40 Twitter followers will see your Tweet.

Some of the feedback we have received from biz owners, is that they hadn't made a start on their Email Marketing (or not much of one) not only because they are so time poor but also because they feel intimidated and overwhelmed and we totally get this.

We are here to help you break it down
and provide an easy to follow blueprint.

Are you ready to up your ‘Email Marketing A-Game’? 

We would love you to join us for our Email Marketing Bootcamp, and here’s just some of the knowledge you will walk away with:

• An intimate understanding of your ‘ideal customer’ -  These are the guys who are most likely         to buy from you.

• How to create (or update) the perfect lead magnet for your audience. You’ll also learn a             stack of ways to promote on other platforms for serious list growth (aka; get those social               followers on your list!).

• How to create the right email content to build a tribe of subscribers who know you, like and         trust you (and buy from you of course!).  

• How to automate your sales funnels and customer journeys and to free up your time (set and       forget!). 

• How to test and measure performance so you can continue to improve, scale and grow.

•PLUS we are making the webinar content available to you for playback for 90 days after.