DIY to improve your Technical SEO, a beginners guide

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We know how confusing and complicated SEO for small business can feel. We’ve been walking that path ourselves which is why we wanted to help you and to do this we wanted to roll out the SEO ‘big guns’ aka Karlie Plowman. If you haven’t come across this powerhouse, Karlie is a passionate digital design and creative guru who is the head honcho at Techno Bird.

Now, over to Karlie to help ‘de-bunk’ those technical SEO myths…

“You hear the word ‘SEO’ and you back away so fast your feet can’t keep up - correct? And I bet it’s even worse when you hear the words ‘technical SEO’, ‘meta description’, ‘heading tags’... right?

What if I told you these little words are just super fancy for “what your website is about” - easier to digest, yes?

So that’s what I’m going to do for you - break this shit down to make it less scary, less ‘techy’, and tell you what you can do for your website’s technical SEO without having to know coding or have a degree in computer science!

So, the basics of basic website SEO explained - the top 4 things you can do on your own website to help boost your overall SEO.

1. Fancy Name: Meta-description.

Un-fancy Name: Short sentence that describes what your website is about that is shown on Google results pages.

What you should write: The briefest of brief descriptions on what you do or offer or sell. Include your keywords if you can, for example, the below meta description includes the keywords for this business which are “Melbourne based communications agency” as well as the name of the business “Shebang Agency”

Key Rule: Add your location - add your business name - add your MAIN keywords.


SEO Meta Description.png

How you change the meta description in:
Adding seo page titles and descriptions in meta tags for Wix.png

2. Fancy Name: Page Title

Un-fancy Name: Title/Name of the page/website

What you should include: Business Name or Site Name | Location | Main Keywords

(see example above - Business name = Shebang Agency, Location = Melbourne, Main keywords = PR & Communications)

Key Rule: Don’t stuff keywords in, get straight to the point (be blunt), watch the length as you only get a tiny bit of space.

How you change page titles in:

Wordpress Logo.png

To modify the title tag of your index page you need to login to the WordPress admin area and go to Settings -> General. On this page, edit the Site Title field and save the changes.

By default WordPress doesn't allow you to have a custom title for each post or page you create - just for your home page. However, there are plugins like All in One SEO Pack that will add this functionality for you.


Changing the title in the browser tab in Wix.png

3.      Fancy Name: Heading Tags/Titles or H1, H2, H3…

Un-fancy Name: Page Headlines

Explained: The h1 is equivalent to the ‘main headline’ of a page on your website - very similar to a headline on a newspaper article; you usually read the headline of an article to understand what the article is about before you read the actual article, yeah? Well this is the same for websites - people, and Google, want to read the main headline of each page on your website to understand what the ‘article’ or page of your website, is about - what the content is about.

Example 1:

H1 page headline example.png

Example 2:

H1 and H2 tags and headlines.png

Key Rule: There should only be one h1 tag per page of your website

4. Fancy Name: Alt Titles

Un-fancy Name: Names on your images

Explained: A description of an image in text format - Image file names that are actual words, not a bunch of symbols and numbers. Google doesn’t have eyes and can’t look at a picture of a dog and know that it’s a dog, they literally have to read “this is a dog” on the image file name. 

Key Rules:

  • Describe the image as specifically as possible.

  • Keep it (relatively) short (under 125 characters)

  • Use your keywords but don’t stuff them in - it has to make sense to a human and Google reading it

  • Don't include "image of," "picture of," etc. in your alt text.



  • Every single image on your website should have an alt title/alt text

  • This includes logos and graphics on your site

How you add alt titles to your images:

Wordpress Logo.png


By ensuring your website is technical SEO-friendly and by sticking to these guidelines, you could see a huge improvement in your overall SEO and start to rank higher for your main keywords on Google.  

The MAIN KEY POINT to all of this? Use your main keywords in every aspect of these 4 pillars and you are on the path to SEO success!

If you would like assistance with learning more about Technical SEO and help with getting your website performing at its peak, get in touch with me and let’s chat - I have a few services that can help get you off page never-going-to-be-found to hopefully-page-1 (hey, sorry, but I can never ever guarantee that I can get you on page 1, and nobody on this Earth can because it’s just not possible, but I can guarantee that by using my guidance that you will have the best possible chance of reaching a higher ranking than you have before).

You can find all the information on my Website/SEO Services here:


About Techno Bird

Techno Bird is a small group of creatives in web design/development, SEO consultancy and digital marketing consultants. We pride ourselves on providing a stress-free, genuine relationship building group who treat your business as their own; we don't care for taking your money, building your website and wishing you good luck with it - we want you and your business to thrive online so we teach you how to manage and run your own website and offer on-going support for as long as you need us.

Our speciality skills are:

  • Web Design

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  • SEO Consultancy

  • Website & SEO Auditing

  • 1:1 Website Training & Coaching

  • 1:1 Digital Marketing Coaching

  • Digital Marketing Workshops in 2019

  • SEO Strategy and Management in 2019

Techno Bird was founded by Karlie Plowman in 2013 and has built a team of professionals in the last couple of years to provide more services, more assistance to small businesses and start ups at affordable prices without compromising on quality.


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