'Sales and Marketing 101' for small business success.

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Are you starting a business this year? I bet you’d love to know the perfect recipe for success!

Well, sorry to say there isn't one, but here are some tips or 'sales & marketing 101' if you will, to help you to create the perfect storm for your biz.

Grab a pen, you’ll want to take some notes, here’s all the ‘right’ things you need to do.

The right product: If you get your product or service right from the start you’re off on a winner and you have the added benefit of people LOVING it and getting a great kick out of word of mouth/referral business. There is no better thing for your biz/brand.

The right customer (market): Who are you selling to? Do they need it or do they want it? There has to be interest and demand and we recommend you test for this early in the journey.

The right proposition/price: This is all about value because it's likely you aren’t the only one selling what you’re selling. It's tied to your unique selling proposition and it's about how you are going to stand out from your competitors and how you are going to provide value. It's not all about price, perhaps its quality, experience or the materials you use?

The right time: If you are launching into a seasonal market you need to consider this as well as consumer trends. If you’ve missed the boat it might be best to re-think your offering rather than launch into a saturated market.

The right marketing channels: So, so important. It's all about your ideal customer and where they are hanging out. You don’t want to invest in advertising in print if they only ever consume content online. This element needs an investment of time and effort, if you get it right from the start you will see the results in your sales.

‘How to create your ideal customer profile’

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The right marketing strategy: If you’re launching your product and there is no brand awareness and no inbound marketing audience (social media followers & email subscribers) you will get crickets. You will need a launch strategy to build anticipation for your launch as well as a strong plan for growth using a good mix of digital and traditional advertising methods.

Sounds easy right? #whosaidsmallbusinesswasevergoingtobeeasy

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