If you build with 'intent', they will come.

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Sadly, Louise Hay passed away last week, and as happens when a significant influencer passes away,  I started to think about the impact she's had on my life and the lesson’s I've learnt from her teachings.

When I started to listen to Louise's ‘You can heal your life’ affirmations CD  - I had a shift. I started to look a lot deeper into the concept of self love and even more, at the law of attraction. 

To put it simply, the ‘law of attraction’ is the ability to attract into our lives whatever it is we decide to focus on or ‘set our intentions’ to. We are essentially using the power of our mind to materialise our thoughts into our reality.

Business planning is much the same thing, it is 'intention setting' for our business. It might not be as ‘woo woo’ as a Louise Hay affirmation, and certainly it will involve more rigour, structure and ‘biz' language but the concept is the same. You need to set the intentions of your business in order to know where the heck you're going and the steps involved to get there.

You’re going to hear us banging on about your ‘ideal customer’ - A LOT! Doing the work to intimately understand your ideal customer is not only crucial from a marketing perspective - it’s an example of intention setting for your business.  We challenge you to go further than that.

What about setting your intentions for the types of people you’d like to collaborate with, partner with and even advertise with?

Social media has added a new and sometimes emotionally taxing element to business, certainly when it comes to competitor analysis. Its so easy to get stuck in the trap of comparison. But just remember this… 

"You and your business has every right to succeed and thrive and you don’t have to do it alone. The people out there who are killing it, aren't doing it alone. They play to their strengths and get help with their gaps."

Set your intentions, plan your work and work your plan and remember you are a total rock star. If you need help, reach out!

Jacqui (& Helen)