Revealed: An inside look at how we get things done - on the move!

Two Girls and a Laptop. Blog. Revealed: An Inside look at how we get things done - on the move!

We had a giggle this week. Whilst delivering one of our Mini Business Review sessions to a new client - we literally and physically introduced ourselves as Two Girls on a Laptop.

Yep, there we were, conquering small business land - all behind our laptop screen.

It made us think about how many other things that we use in our day-to-day business lives to help us manage this little empire whilst being on the move - and perhaps, we should share the love in an effort to support you all out there doing the same.

So, we decided to reveal exactly how we do it - sometimes, even on the toilet! (because, hey - tell us a Mum who hasn't escaped to the 'loo' for a little quiet time and multitasking).

Google Analytics App.

It's no secret we are 'lovers' of Google Analytics (perhaps addicts) - and this app allows us to check-in to GA via our mobiles - with real time data for our website traffic, we are always in the 'know' with what's working/not working.

Genius Scan/Dropbox App.

Whatever your poison (we like Dropbox as it can store directly to our file management system) - a mobile app that allows you to scan and upload/email a document is a necessity these days.  


Are you running out of space because of too many photos on your phone? Use PhotoShrinker to compress them and free up space to store more photos, apps, and music! We particularly like this app as it is great for high-res images (Hello Social Media content!) that you need to email or post around on the go...

Whats App

We communicate all day (every day) on it with the 'chat' feature, but even better, we have the app installed on our desktops too - which makes for super quick & easy communication when we are both tapping away at our desks (but not in the same house). You can create groups to keep everyone in the loop and also add attachments - and watch this space as evidently it's going to become an advertising channel. (um, WOW!)


How do all these people get their Instagram Stories to appear seamless? They use an app. Storeo will split a 'longer video' into 15 second snippets so you can upload into your Instagram Stories and then, use the actual video over on Facebook/You Tube - we're all about efficiency, and anything that means we can re-purpose content across our social pipes gets a big tick from us!


Who doesn't aspire to have a beautifully curated Instagram feed? We use Plann to design, edit, and visually plan our feed in line with our Social Media Strategy and brand colour palette. Plann has other features like scheduling, analysing, hashtag management + more. 


If you haven't found an Accounting Software yet, than perhaps Xero is for you. We find that it is affordable (and very easy + interactive) accounting for small businesses, and with this app, things like reconciling, sending invoices, creating expense claims and recording receipts can all be done on the go!


This one will blow your mind! Ha! Well it gets Jax pretty excited (yup, our lives have come to this). We can sign our client agreements by using a stored signature on our mobile, and then send it back to our clients immediately. It's even come in handy recently finalising the purchase of Helen's new home! 

These are just a few of our faves, let us know if you've got a hankering for 'apps' too - and we'd love for you to mention in the comments any others that you think the community would benefit from.

Until next time!

Helen & Jacqui.