Two Girls and a Laptop

Two Girls and a Laptop. Small Biz Enthusiasts

It's not unusual nowadays that we're 'chinking' coffee cups (vs. champagne flutes) to celebrate big events - given we are both Mum's dealing with the work/family/lack of sleep with babies/pre-schoolers chaos that is life these days.

However, amidst all of this chaos, we are both so excited and passionate about this new venture of ours, and relish the opportunity to put all of our skills, experience and 'adult brains' into something that will not only support and inspire other like-minded women, but provide us with the flexibility we crave to manage our 'chaos' on our own terms.

Our story does really start with quite a lot of wine, laughs and common interests (read more about them here) - but with a friendship that was forged in the 'trenches' - its evolved to so much more and somehow, we always knew that we would work together again - it was just a matter of when.

As the first to leap into 'freelancing/consulting/working for myself' - I would always talk to Jax about how much of an opportunity there is in 'small-business land' for us. I've met so many incredible women who have a passion for their creativity and/or projects, yet, are seeking some 'affordable' help and advice, and more often than not, just looking for someone to 'chat with' about it all. 

Working for yourself can be so rewarding, and can really provide the flexibility that you desire, however, it can be incredibly isolating, and there's only so many times that your partner can listen to you deciding on whether you've chosen the right font for your logo or not, right? 

So, after many coffees, wines and a catchups at the swings, we thought why not make the leap and just get something off the ground. And we did. Our story starts with us training for a 30km Trek on a miserable rainy day, throwing around names and none of them feeling quite right - and then we realised, we were trying too hard. Our client is just like us, a women (or man) who is running their own empire with a laptop. Often tapping away on their keyboard after the bed-time routine has been done, posting on Social Media in bed when all the lights are off (and it's supposed to be a 'device free zone'), and running to the post office shipping customer orders whilst still making it to the school pickup on time - we get all of it!

Two Girls and a Laptop is really who we are.

We get together and work on each others kitchen benches - sometimes with kidlets at our feet, always with a cup of tea. We are continuously 'whats apping' each other our ideas, and our 'dropbox folder' is our holy grail. It's not glamorous, we don't get an annual incentive to head over to Fiji, but it works for us, and we are stoked to have worked with the clients we have so far, as they've left us feeling excited that our vision and ideas for Two Girls and a Laptop are really coming to life! 

Thanks for joining us on the ride, we're loving it so far, and can't wait to see where it takes us!

Helen (& Jacqui).