5 Reasons we love Google Analytics!

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If you have a web presence then it's likely you’ve heard of Google Analytics - you may have even installed it when you initially set up your site, but haven’t looked at it since. 

"What is it and do I need it?" we hear you ask. Well, essentially it's a FREE analytics tool provided by google to help you better understand your web traffic, and if you have a website or a blog that you are looking to grow and/or monetise then - yes, you need it. 

Here are the top 5 reasons we love Google Analytics!

1. It's FREE and (relatively) simple.

Gosh, we just love ‘FREE’. We are in the first 6 months of trade and dig anything useful we aren’t paying for (ahem, who doesn’t?). There is a paid premium option but the free version is more than enough for us small business owners. In terms of complexity, it doesn’t feel simple at the start and I must admit it took me a few ‘sessions’ to start to feel comfortable with the reports and navigation, but it didn’t take long. It gets even easier to get a quick understanding once you get a feel for your own numbers. We recommend reviewing your google analytics at least once a month to help you get familiar with your own data. 

2. Traffic Source Report.

As you’d be aware, your site is getting traffic from a range of sources such as search engines, social media, referral sites and links in your email newsletter - just to name a few. The traffic source report (as the name suggests) provides a snapshot of where your web traffic is originating. It's a great way to measure the success of the activities you are undertaking to push traffic to your site -  such as a paid digital advertising, link in a newsletter, an influencer or SEO to name a few.

Two Girls and a Laptop. Traffic Source Report Sample.

3. See your most popular web pages and the ‘bounce rate’.

Analysing how long people are spending on each page can identify poor performance and bottlenecks. Plus, a great help to understand where your page content could do with a little improvement. You will also see a metric called ‘bounce rate’. This is the % of users who immediately navigate away from the page they initially land on. You obviously want to keep this low, but being able to see the ‘bounce rate’ by ‘traffic source’ helps to make informed marketing spend decisions,

4. User Data

Oh. we can find out so many juicy details about our audience! First things first though, you need to make sure you’ve switched your demographics on so that Google can start to gather this data for your account. Once that’s done, we can see all the nitty gritty, like, where do they live? what language do they speak? are they male or female? what is their age? are they new or returning?using a mobile or desktop to visit your page? The list goes on! We have also recently really started to delve into our users 'interest categories’ - now THAT is informative. Essentially it's their interests based on the other types of web sites they are visiting. If you’ve been following us for a while you’d have noticed we are a little (read. overtly) obsessive with customer profiling. Being able to gauge your niche markets interests' is really going to help when you start to do targeted advertising such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. One thing to note with demographics, is that you only see a subset of your total data which is still statistically valid (and the best data you’ll likely get) - so we don’t really see this as an issue.

5. You can easily ‘slice and dice’ the data. 

Ok, so you really want to see the age break down of females from Sydney, who have visited your site in the past 6 months - you got it! Oh, and would you like to view that data in a line, bar or pie chart? There’s a gazillion ways you can delve into and view the data and apply additional categories or overlays. Again, we have found this data very useful for customer profiling and being able to get a better understand of the type of customer our clients brands are attracting to their site. 

Thank you for letting us 'nerd out' on Google Analytics this week. If you are still looking at this screen thinking wha??

Please do get in touch, we offer a Google Analytics Report providing you with a ‘real time’ snapshot of our basic recommended reports - using your data of course. You can book one here.

Did you find this useful?  Would you like to hear more on this super sexy topic? Feel free to give us some feedback in the comments.