Increasing your sales conversions and the size of your customers cart this Christmas

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With Christmas fast approaching, many of you will have your products and promotional activity all planned - however, we would challenge as to whether some of you have considered other planning activity to try and capitalise on this peak sales period and those customers whom are already purchasing from you, to try and get them to increase their shopping dollars with you.

To help you put a plan together (and quickly - like, starting tomorrow) we’ve put together our top tips on how to increase your  sales conversions and the average cart size of your customers this Christmas!

Web Search: Make sure your keywords are up to date, and that your site is search engine optimised and Google Adwords are on point. If you sell purple sequined unicorns and people are googling ‘purple sequined unicorns’ that is most definitely a very hot lead so you need to be sure that your site is top of the search results. 

It's nice to reciprocate: For sure, give away a gift with purchase, free delivery or a % off provided the order is of high enough value. Think like Country Road and their 'spend and save program’ - spend $250 and get $50 off. 

Abandoned Cart Emails: You can re-engage shopping cart abandoners across the web, mobile and email to ignite engagement and potentially recapture otherwise lost revenue. This is best practice and if you’ve been meaning to implement, we encourage you to do it now. We admit that we are known to put items in a cart to remind ourselves to come back and buy them later. Life gets in the way and we don’t always remember to go back and complete the purchase… if we receive an  ‘abandoned cart' email reminder, more often than not we will complete our purchase.

You’re in the business of SALES: Now is the time to be a sales person and it's totally acceptable to step up your frequency for the Christmas sales period. If you usually send a monthly newsletter or blog, consider upping the ante, and send one a week for the peak sales period - make sure you plan out your content to reflect your marketing plan for the period. People are time poor and looking for ideas, don’t be shy about telling them what to buy for friends and family members - make their life easy!

Suggested selling: ‘Other items you might like’, ‘Other people purchased’ or you only have to spend another $39.95 to get 15% off. This messaging can be either at the checkout or even on the product pages and can be really effective in getting those order values up! 

Advertise on Instagram: 60% of users say that they have learned about a product or service on the Instagram platform (Wordstream 2017). In fact, 75% take an action, such as visiting a website, searching, shopping or telling a friend after being inspired by a post (Instagram Business, 2017). And don’t just repurpose your Facebook advertising for Instagram.  Create Instagram specific advertisements for your biz and consider using Instagram stories. Advertising on stories is new and the adoption is somewhat low right now, so people are finding they are getting a good ‘return on their investment' as it's not over crowded. If you have more than 10k followers you can also use the 'swipe up’ option which is proving to be a winner.

Alternative Payment Methods: If you haven't already integrated Afterpay or Zippay - now is the time - seriously, so many clients are telling us that this has improved their overall sales results (a lot!).

Consistency is key: People buy from brands and people that they know, like and trust. Keep your brand 'look and feel’ clean and consistent as this will help with familiarity. Utilise all your sales pipes to deliver the same key sales message - what we mean by that is your webpage (virtual store front), your socials and your email program should all be speaking the same story and price points. 

It would be such a shame to miss the opportunity to speak to the influx of extra customers, site visits and followers that that is delivered to us over this peak sales period that is Christmas. 

We are all about making you MORE MONEY and hope that this helps you to be a little more strategic with your business planning and marketing opportunities.

If you’d like to dig a little deeper - book a FREE discovery call for a bespoke strategy session to nail your business planning in 2018!

Jax & Hels x