Why you don't need to be afraid to niche down

Let's talk about 'ideal customer profiling'. Maybe its been a while since you updated your ideal client profile, perhaps you profiled your customer in your head and not on paper?? (Ahem, it's not the same). Or perhaps like us, after a little time you realise you have more than one profile and that new profile has different needs, interests and pain points that you can solve and they need to be communicated with differently?

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Our Business Review Template is available!

One of the soundest practices that we've kept from our corporate years is the discipline of analysing our performance and planning for the future.

Hands up if these are the things you feel you "should" be doing but not exactly getting jazzed about it? ‍

It's your lucky day (week, month, and year), because this is something we ARE jazzed about. We also get how tedious, dull and bland this may sound to you, so we have whipped up this nifty, easy to use template - better yet, IT’S FREE!

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The realities of running a business during the school holidays.

One would think that after being in business for very close to 2 years (even longer if you count my previous businesses) that I would have this under control. The truth is, I haven’t. And if anything, against all of my own previous advice, I made the same mistakes this last holidays - and I vow to not do the same again.

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Sales and marketing 101 for small business

Are you feeling a little scattered in your approach to generating more customers?

Join us for our latest vlog where we are going back to basics - or you could call it housekeeping. So many of our clients come to us very stressed because they are stuck in the ‘execution’ of their marketing plan - but don’t really have any strategy behind it.

In this 8 minute video, we talk about how you can set yourself up for success…

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How to surprise and delight your customers.

Join us in our latest video (or as the hipsters call it, our vlog) to hear about how 'surprising and delighting' your customers is the new black, is on point, so hot right now and basically, just a really great customer service and sales strategy.

If you're a retailer, e-commerce or online store, watch here to get some inspiration, and then, put your creative thinking cap on to consider how you can surprise and delight your customers! And we haven't forgotten about service based businesses, we're one of them remember. You'll still find this relevant, and in our opinion, this type of activity will really get you to stand out from your competitors.

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6 ways to drive traffic to your small business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a product or service based business, whether you’re an online retailer or you’ve got a ‘bricks and mortar’ store. We are all looking for ways to drive more traffic to our business.

In this vlog, Jacqui takes you through some ideas that you can implement into your marketing plan straight away

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Are you stuck writing your business plan?

We’ve had an influx of clients go through our 'business plan review' session of late so we’ve been in the thick of guiding clients with their business goals and strategy - and well, its been awesome.

The light bulb moments, bringing the goals to life and paving those clear next steps - all of these things help reduce our clients feeling of overwhelm and thats why we enjoy what we do.

So if you are a little stuck on where to start with your own business plan we have some tips … 

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It's about time...

When we first started our small business, our babies were still babies. We were only prepared to work in the business part-time, and therefore our expectations about how much we would earn (like nothing in the early days) and what we could achieve were always linked back to how many working hours we had to physically commit to the business. We did a time audit.

Time is probably one of the most important factors. When you’re juggling a family and a small business, it’s very easy to burn out.

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I just bought a business, so what do I do now?

So you’ve found a business that you think has real potential. It’s aligned to your passions, the startup phase has already happened (well, sort of - there is an existing audience, product and even a website), and most importantly, you are looking to create your own empire so that you can escape the ‘corporate cubicle life’ and also work on your own terms - hello flexibility with young children needed ASAP!

Yay! You’re a business owner - but what do you do now?

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